Over the knee socks Heavy duty

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BOBR Trekking over the knee socks – HEAVY DUTY elastic material with silver and one year walk through guarantee are designed to protect calves and knees through a full day of work and sweating. We recommend this type of sock for alpine track, hunters, and fishermen to protect the knee joint. These two layer, all-year over the knee socks are made of polypropylene - a hollow thread with silver. The upper layer is made from high quality cotton which absorbs body sweat. Drainage channel ventilates your foot and reinforces the bottom part of the sock thus guaranteeing high resistance against the wind and soft walking.The calf part is highly elastic for downward movement of the over the knee socks. The highly stretched, loose hem across the knee ensures perfect stability when moving, also blood circulation of your foot. Silver, knitted in the socks operates antibacterially. Reinforced hems hold over the knee sock even in loose footwear.

velmi kvalitní bavlna
tvarovaný polyprolylén
vysoce roztažný elastan
zátěžový polyester
pevnostní polyamid