Socks Spring-autumn

spring Spring
autumn Autumn
135 Kč / 5.4 €
Bez DPH 111.57 Kč
Expedition within 2 business days

BOBR Socks – SPRING/AUTUMN with active ventilation are lightweight thermo socks that are being used from spring to autumn for short sport boots and sandals used for sport and light tourism. It is knitted with a soft terry in the foot, to achieve the soft walk and against bumps and blisters. The nart top is knitted with a net weave that overcomes the shoe and serves as perfect ventilation of your foot. The whole sock is elastic to achieve a perfect fit for the foot and also in the loose footwear, therefore the rubber panel is knitted with a rubber panel over the instep for smooth feel in the footwear.

high quality cotton
shaped polyprolylene
highly stretchable elastane